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Clients Review

Congratulations to you and Spring…  In today’s world of rapid changes and unprecedented uncertainties, running an organisation for 12 years with year on year success is indeed a great achievement!  Congratulations to you and your team!!

We derived immense value from the two assignments that you did for us….. one for our Corporate Leadership Team and other for our leadership team of our subsidiary company PIPL.These days many consultancy firms runs flashy programmes with superficial content; promising quick results.  In the process most of them have earned reputation of flavour of the month and their impact fades away very quickly.

Sailing against the wave of popular programmes like these, you and your organisation work with clients for deeper interventions, remaining congruent with the basic science and theories of coaching and counselling.  You are not only making difference to people but also helping the corporate world to become more effective by strengthening their leadership capabilities.

Wish you all the very best to you and team to achieve newer heights of success in coming years!

Dileep Joshi