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Clients Review

Congratulations on the 12th Anniversary of Spring and the launching of your new website.

As a participant of your programmes, I have always been amazed at the commitment and passion with which you and the Spring Team go about conducting them.

Your programmes are unique and different; avoiding the run of the mill commercial clichés which one often comes across. Your unique focus on the ‘individual’ brings in a different flavor to your workshops. This goes a long way in the individual understanding himself better, and in the process enriching and enhancing his contribution to the corporate team of which he is a part of.

At Essel Propack and Packaging India, we have seen visible benefits of your various intervention programmes. The team appreciates and applauds your tireless efforts and determination to make them more successful.

I have always learnt a lot from your programmes and workshop. These learnings have made me a better person and a more impactful business leader.

I wish you and Spring all the success in the coming years, and look forward to your continued efforts to make the individuals more successful in their professional and personal lives.

Chandrasekhar Rajgopalan