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Clients Review

Members of Kuoni India - Grievance Committee and Complaints Committee as well as line managers and HR are very appreciative of the Counselling Workshops conducted for them by Spring Executive Coaching in July and August 2012.

On attending these workshops (2 days + 1 day follow-up) the participants had a stronger understanding of “Self” using Transactional Analysis. They also understood the power of strokes. Role Playing to include listening, pacifying, empowering with empathy became easy because …you ceaselessly demonstrated the same skills before, during and after the workshop. For the first time no follow-up was required for participants to do their assignments which included mock sessions and “history taking” in time for the follow up session.

Post the program our participants feel confident about playing their role as Grievance/Complaints Committee members effectively and sensitively. They say the skills learnt during these workshops are useful to them in their daily lives both personal and professional.

Zarine Mathias
Head - Training & Development