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Clients Review

In Solvay - we had number of assignments where we worked together. The organization availed your services for the following assignments:

Your firm was a good resource for us to evaluate our employees when we were internally promoting them for senior position. On given feedback we were confirming our decision and plan appropriate Training need to fill the gaps

We had certain cases where your counselling sessions helped those employees who were stuck at one position in their career. After your sessions with them, we found those employees consciously changed themselves and grew vertically.

You also dealt with employees who were having attitude issue and your interaction with them made them understand their problem and acceptance for a problem

In few cases where we had a difficulty to open up an employee for a counselling session …your projective techniques of testing helped us to start the dialogue for an interaction.

The organization always treated Spring team as support/additional resource to confirm our observations and experience.  Therefore, many critical decision in business were made and we enjoyed good results of the same.

Atul Bagal
Head - Human Resources