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Motivational Analysis (MAB)

MAB analyses predominantly six motivational needs with focus on his/her approach and avoidance behaviour

Characterized by concern for excellence, competition with the standards set by others or by oneself, the setting of challenging goals for oneself, awareness of the hurdles in the way of achieving those goals, and persistence in trying alternative paths to reach one’s goals.

Characterized by a concern for making an impact, for establishing and maintaining close, personal relationships, by value on friendship, and a tendency to express one’s emotions.

Characterized by a concern for monitoring matters, orderliness, a desire to remain informed, and an urge to monitor and take corrective action when needed.

Characterized by a desire for learning and seeking guidance for help from others in one’s own self-development, checking with significant others (those who are more knowledgeable or have higher status, expert, close associates, etc.), submitting ideas or proposals for approval, having an urge to maintain an “approval” relationship.

Characterized by concern for helping and serving others, interest in super ordinate goals, and an urge to be relevant and useful to large groups, including society.

Influence by expertise
Characterized by a concern to make an impact on others, a desire to make people do what one thinks is right, and an urge to change matters and (develop) others.