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Your Temperament(YT)

YT overviews the seven emotional blocks and brings out the rigid verses flexible belief system in individuals. Test scores which are extremely high or low indicate extreme rigidity or low creative ability.

Allergy to Ambiguity :
Tendency to avoid unclear tasks and complex brain teasers, it shuns the path of invention, discovery and creation because of feeling of ‘messiness’.

Conformity :
Fear of social criticism or punishment, excessive attachment to tradition and a dislike of innovations that are counter to social norms.

Rigidity / Stereotyping :
Tendency to stereotype people; tendency to dogmatism; to old ideas. Inability to assimilate new information and interactions with people.

Fear of Failure :
Tendency to stick to safe options, avoid competitive situations, or to participate in activities where one is sure of winning. Tendency to look for alibis for failure, excessive fright and nervousness in test situations and it can also paralyse the individual due to stress.

Starved Sensibility :
Inability to feel or experience or imagine richly. It reduces the supply of stimuli that may trigger divergent thinking, reduced curiosity and openness, and a sense of fresh encounter with life.

Resource Myopia :
Tendency to get dependent and become passive, feeling of helplessness, participation in a very narrow range of activities; inhibition of risk taking

Touchiness (Fear of Humiliation) :
Aversion to meeting strangers; tendency to seek flatterers; wanting to stick to the same old group; coldness towards “threatening” persons, excessive shyness. Interpersonal collaboration can be difficult. It may also make a person averse to seeking feedback.