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Self Awareness Programs


Duration : 30 hrs of sessions and 15 hours of overnight Script Workshop

This programme focuses on looking deeply into one’s own compulsive thinking and unhealthy pattern of behaviour.An objective study of self with the help of “script analysis” – a concept based on Eric Berne’s Transactional Analysis – invites an individual to look at the root causes and understand what makes them compulsively think or behave in a patterned way.

This programme includes an overnight workshop where individuals present a study of their own script to the group, with facilitation processes geared towards awareness and experiencing.

– Various theories of Personality Theory
– Personality Disorders
– Script – injunctions – drivers
– Neurology of Script
– Stress and Sympathetic Parasympathetic activity
– Bioenergetics and body script
–Script Analysis – An objective study of ‘self’